Interview Doppelganger de Shama Hyder

Shama Hyder, fondatrice de ClickToClient, une société de marketing online basée à Dallas au Texas, a accepté de se joindre à notre conversation sur l'identité et la réputation numériques.

1. What would be the best 3 words qualifying you and your work ?

Straight forward, comprehensive, all things online!

2. You're also on Facebook and Twitter, what are your main goals ? How do you manage your digital identity ?

My main goal is to build a community of people who can get value out of the information I provide. To create a community who is sincerely interested in leveraging the net for good! : )

I manage my digital identity with ease because I have a good sense of what my brand is- and I think this makes a difference! Once you know what you stand for, then it’s about spreading that message across platforms.

3. Which tools do you use to watch your online reputation ? What actions do you take to develop it ?

Google alerts and primarily. As for actions, I blog at and video blog at http://Shama.Tv.

Extrait vidéo : 3 pièges à éviter sur Twitter

4 . Now, let's talk about your video channel. How did you get this idea ? What are your top tips to take advantage of videos ?

I love doing video! I wanted to develop a stronger connection with my audience and build my personal brand (separate from my business brand). For videos, I always recommend people check Web Video University to learn as much as they can before they start on their own.

Top tips:

1) Have a subject area you are passionate about
2) speak from the heart
3) be patient. It does take time to get it going!
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