The S²R² framework: a change-oriented and proactive approach to job search

The S²R² framework
A change-oriented and proactive approach to job search

Why this ?

Because change* (innovation) combined with a consultant approach is needed to win nowadays. Social technology is a real leverage to take into account. It's about getting connected, and dealing with fewer but highly-targeted leads.

It seems like there are 2 options : the mass or the niche. The latter is where growth opportunities are. It demands leadership, a vision and an appetite to make it happen.

With the S²R² approach, people co-design winning and tailored roles. They don’t wait for the typical job description to be shared on job boards or newspapers.

These four simple and very straightforward points could be used in networking activities as well. Also, this is a way to reach out to hidden opportunities by (sometimes) activating them.

S ituation
Mainly listening (and using multiple sources), identifying key challenges and change opportunities, acquiring new skills.

For example, creating content (designing engaging conversation objects) is an interesting mean for telling stories, describing the urgency and the need for change.

P.S : However, it’s not enough to move forward. You have to share a bold view and raise a unique voice. That situation step is actually a framing one.

S olution
Using a very specific framework aiming to accelerate problem-solving efforts and to apply a vision for making it happen.

R ole
What parts to play for solving the identified problem? What assets? What constraints?
For what geographical area(s)?
What goals and what means? Is it realistic?
Who’s going to be facilitating all the initiatives?

R esults
What KPIs? How will all the action points be assessed?
What to do if goals are not achieved? What alternatives?

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*change: Change that matters and we believe in


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