Interview with Gautier Machelon, Founder of Jobs For Me (Work4Labs)

Hi Gautier, could you briefly introduce yourself?

I am the founder of Jobs for Me. I started as an Associate at the recruiting agency Heidrick & Struggles and then at CTPartners in Paris. I have launched several businesses in the online recruiting space and social media, including Work4 Labs. The Jobs for Me app project was initiated after the great success of our first Facebook recruiting app and I am now dedicated to this exciting new project.

What's Work4Labs core mission, activities and key products? Where are you based?

Work4 Labs develops the leading social recruiting apps on Facebook for both companies and universities.

Our ‘Work For Us’ app can be installed for free on any company Facebook fan page, and enables companies to create a social job board, launch targeted job ads and effectively leverage referrals. The app is used by 8,000+ companies total and works equally well for Fortune 500 firms and small businesses.

Our company has now introduced a free university app, Jobs For Me, that allows colleges to provide students with full career center services on their Facebook page. We just launched this application in North America but have already seen adoption by more than a hundred schools worldwide.

Work4 Labs is headquartered in San Francisco but has a second office in Paris. Its applications are used in more than 40 countries though by hundreds of thousands of Facebook users worldwide.

Why Facebook is an increasing and interesting venue for recruiting? Any cases?

Facebook’s features are highly advantageous to companies, as they allow businesses the ability to interact on a personal level with candidates, and thereby avoid pricey intermediary services. Instead of remaining dependent on job boards and third-party recruiters, companies can effectively harness Facebook’s potential to build eclectic talent communities of potential applicants.

This trend is now reaching the university level, with many colleges recognizing social media’s potential to increase student engagement. With 90 percent of students having a Facebook profile, and this demographic spending on average 2 hours a day on the website, it’s only logical to anchor entry-level recruiting to this platform.

Now, you're launching 'Jobs For Me' and targeting students. Could you tell us a bit more about it?

Jobs for Me is a free app that allows universities to take their career center services and job board to the Facebook platform. The app returns to Facebook’s school-centric and exclusive origins, since universities can restrict access to jobs based on the Facebook user’s email or university network.

The Jobs for Me app integrates fully with the university’s web-based career center, providing the same beneficial services and more on a platform where students spend most of their time. Indeed, 90 percent of college students are on Facebook, and a majority of universities have Facebook Pages dedicated to career services. However, until now, Facebook career centers have lacked a critical element: job postings. For the first time, Jobs for Me makes this possible.

More than a hundred schools worldwide have already adopted the application, and it is gaining traction rapidly in colleges across the U.S. as well.

What are Work4Labs upcoming plans for this year?

This year, Work4 Labs will work towards increasing its partnerships with both companies and universities. We are constantly working to improve our applications, and will continue to invest heavily in our core technology to create next generation’s social tools, in particular for candidates in order to help them leverage Facebook to find their dream job!

What are your social media presences?

On Twitter: and
On Facebook: and
On LinkedIn:


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