Ambition and the steady rise of tribes

High unemployment rates, more risk-averse companies... this "great recession" and the sluggish economy force us to think differently. However, it doesn't mean that we should keep our faces down and... wait. Seth Godin has a great line on this: Don't wait to be picked. Pick yourself.

Let's share a couple of ideas about avoiding ambition killers. Ambition is highly needed to stay as innovative as possible. We definitely need it. Without ambition, emptiness win. Then, we become invisible and dragged down.

Today's economy is not only made of bad news. The current technological innovations (ie:social and mobile ones) are awesome leverages. Now, people have their voice amplified and the opportunity to connect on a global scale.

Ambition is subjective and paradoxical because it could also put you out of the game. Too much ambition just feed mismatches. This is why listening and gathering useful data should be central to fix gaps as quickly as possible.

Ambition is linked to passion, to what makes us enthusiastic.

Ambition (personal or collective one) needs oxygen to thrive. It needs the right destination, necessary resources and key people.

Over these five years spent on offline and online social networks, I'd definitely take three profiles into account;
  • The Motivational people: the ones encouraging you to push the envelope and dig deeper. They want you to be fearless and take action when it's much needed
  • The Down-to-Earth People: they're realistic! They challenge you. They usually already faced similar situations. They don't want you to live in a bubble. However, they're not pessimistic
  • The Connectors: those connecting you to interesting insights, winning ideas, thick knowledge, remarkable people and opportunities
It seems like in-depth engagement will be much more important in the coming days.

Strongly engaging thousands of people on a daily basis is just not possible. This is why the concept of the tribe, the inner (tighter) circle will keep on growing. For now, let's make sure to only have all these three kind of (and hopefully ethical) people. It's vital.

The reverse thought works as well. It's known that it's crucial to start giving and be interested in people, first. But how?

By actively encouraging, challenging and/or connecting them to key points.

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