Interview de Tim Brennan, co-fondateur de HiringSmart Inc.

Tim Brennan est co-fondateur de HiringSmart Inc. et Chief Visionary Officer. Nous vous avions suggéré de bookmarker un de leurs billets lors du dernier FridayMarks. Leur objectif ? Une meilleure stratégie d'embauche et de conservation du personnel. 

1. What's the HiringSmart process ? 

70%+ of the workforce is in one form or another, disconnected form their work, costing the economy billions of dollars annually, must of which is a result of outdated recruiting approaches. 
The HiringSmart Process focuses on ensuring that employees fit with their manager, their job, their co-workers and the company's culture and values.

2. How to apply the Fit-Principle in recruiting ? 

The process evaluates candidates based on their attitudes, values and beliefs about work rather than relying solely on their past work experience. Candidates complete an online interview on a customized hiring portal which helps to predict their fit within an organization and likelihood of success on the job.

3. Do you think that blogs and social networks like Facebook or Linkedin are brand new ways to find the right candidates ? If yes, what are your best sourcing tactics ? 

To get value from social media you have to give to social media. Think of it as your ROC (Return on Contribution). As an employer you have to give value to a candidate to engage them in conversation. To be successful in social media you need to position yourself as the place to go to learn about careers in that field, to get information about the latest advances in research etc. Engage in conversation like we are doing right now.

4. What are your suggestions for candidates willing to make their personal brand more visible online ? 

A) Be transparent. There is no where to hide anymore. The traditional recruiter may be impressed with well scripted cover letters and purchased resumes, but the HiringSmart recruiter is looking beyond the superficial.

Before you put information on the web, have a clear picture of what you feel is the right fit for you. As a society we have become very good at selling ourselves into jobs that we do not fit. Remember 70%+ of the workforce is at some level disengaged in their work.

Have a strategy before you start putting things up on the web. Getting stuff off of the internet is like trying to get pee out of a swimming pool.

5. What's your take on name googling and digital footprints ? (for candidates and for companies) 

Everyone is doing it. What ever person should do is own their own url so they can control what comes up online. You can also own your own links to social media pages. To find me go to 

Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts.
Tim Brennan
Chief Visionary Officer
HiringSmart Inc.


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